DMCA ignored hosting providers

DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) is a law that blocks websites that post copyright or illegal content.

So, if we take it literally, DMCA ignores hosting, ignores all laws and regulations under the DMCA.

40-60% of the content hosted on many websites is typically copied, illegal, adult-targeted, or other similar content that can be removed by laws under the DMCA.

Therefore, it is important that if you are looking for a DMCA Ignored Hosting, you consider the following factors:

  • Prices. Beware of the costs that companies offer hosting that is ignored by the DMCA. As a rule, there is no fixed tariff plan on the company page. So, you need to call their support team and then they will tell you which plan will work for your purpose and the price you will pay.
  • Support. Few DMCA ignored hosting providers offer great support. So, talk to them and find out everything you can about the kind of support companies offer. Read reviews and follow what people have to say about the company. If they are patient, knowledgeable and answer all your questions to your heart’s content, only then go to them.
  • Performance. Again, keep an eye on what people are saying about the company’s performance. Check the uptime they offer, whether the resources they offer are worth the money you invest, and compare their performance with other companies.
  • Payment Methods. Hosting companies ignored by the DMCA accept all types of card and wallet payments. Some companies, such as Shinjiru, also accept Bitcoin payments.

Offshore server location. Check out offshore data centers before choosing the best DMCA-ignored hosting. These are the highest rated offshore locations for hosting providers ignored by the DMCA.

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